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Coming August 26th


Goldie still desires to be the man that Jasmine wants him to be, but temptation got the best of him and now it's too late.  He embarks on a quest to win back what he once had with Jasmine and their daughter. On the other hand, Jasmine is faced with a potential new love and a great new beginning.  A visit back to Chicago forces her back into old habits. A love once lost could find its way back into Goldie and Jasmine’s lives again, but is it too little too late? Find out in this second installment of Double Back.










Coming August 29th

"Remember when you begin to miss me that it was you that let me go."

Sunday Valentine was done with love. Her shielded heart came with meaningless sex and random faces from men that she wouldn't remember tomorrow. Being this way kept her heart safe. That is until she meets Chance. The moment she decided to be different with him he gains her heart and she gains all the drama that came along with it.


Chance is a good guy, but all men lie right? His honesty is tested time and time again when his past with Tionna rears its ugly head. Tionna, his ex who doesn't want to let go, will make it her mission to see that no one has a happy e

nding, not even herself.

Giselle took a vow to honor her husband. To her, that meant give him whatever would make him happy. If that meant allowing him to sleep with other women, then so be it. But when a threesome with Karyn peaks Giselle's interest in more ways than one, her husband Derrick has to fight to undo the damage that he initially created.

In this sexy, scandalous, and dramatic romance, love is the root of all evil. When you choose to love it seems that all odds are against you and when you fight love it seems that the right person comes along at the wrong time.








Delphine Publications is determined to bring a new reality check to Urban book at a time.

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