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Coming July 25th


Jamika turned her lemons into the proverbial lemonade. Her childhood dream of becoming a singer had become reality and she’d married the love of her life. For the first time in her life, things were going her way, until ghosts from her past began to show themselves. The dark cloud she thought had been lifted from her life had somehow returned. Secrets from the past and present combined, catapulting her into a downward spiral.

She loved her husband, but began to think she’d married him too quickly. The new attention, fame, wealth, and hanging with the hottest celebrities had her nipples standing up in a few men’s directions. She’d dealt with betrayal and dishonesty nearly her entire life and never wanted to become that type of person. Yet, sometimes circumstances change intentions.

The ultimate secret is soon uncovered and she realizes hers is not the only life she must fight for. Shockers, sex, betrayal, and consequences will pull you into this whirlwind. With her career, marriage and life on the line, Jamika must risk it all for her last shot at redemption.
Delphine Publications is determined to bring a new reality check to Urban book at a time.

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