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Coming November 18th


Life for a Hustler is frantic, especially while one is trying to change for the better. The journey with Zeh Shon and Jai Myah continues as they battle demons from the past and more importantly, present. The ever present roller coaster spirals and turns, but will it finally spin out of control? Will love be strong enough to cast out the negatives and propel the couple closer to their dreams, or will their demons attack when they least expect it? Zo begins feeling himself as his hustle advances to the next level of the game; he begins to get involved in designer drugs and parties like a rock star, which is until his number one love vanishes in the blink of an eye. Zariah finds love in a man where she least expects it, could this be a gift or her greatest curse? In the follow up to A Hustlaz Dream, the love for money drives these individuals to a point of no return, will they crash and burn or wake up before the curtain call?... This is A Hustlaz Nightmare .






Coming December 4th

Menace wants to abandon the street life of hustling but being a black man with a violent criminal record finds his goal unachievable by legal means. He feels forced to venture deeper into the underworld to discover that accumulating riches comes with a heavy price of betrayal, deceit and often murder. Menace struggles within himself to find the right path while traveling the wrong roads. Everything he has dreamed of is threatened when a chain of events bring a new direction to his life. Now escaping the evil streets of Los Angeles with his soon to be family may not be as easy as he first thought.








Delphine Publications is determined to bring a new reality check to Urban book at a time.

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