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Mr. Wrong After All $13.00
Mr. Wrong After All

What appears to be picture perfect from the outside is very different from the real drama that is happening on the inside.
Plain Jane 2 $13.00
Plain Jane 2

According to a broken heart, love equaled pain. William David, better known as Silk, knew all too well about that sort of pain. Upon meeting Natalie Jane Lorin, everything he swore against, suddenly becomes irrelevant. In the follow up to Plain Jane, the love between Silk and Natalie takes you on an explosively erotic ride. jane_2.jpg
Plain Jane $13.00
Plain Jane

“Why have love and pain when you can just have great sex?”- Natalie Jane Lorin

Some say, once a good girl goes bad, she’s gone forever. However, reality says once a good girl gets laid the right way, she’s a brand-new freak, right?
To Love a No Good Nigga $13.00
To Love a No Good Nigga

To the outside world, the Bird sisters have it all: money, power, a successful interior design firm, and beauty. However, on the inside, these three black socialites are a mess.
Nothing Can Come Between Us $13.00
Nothing Can Come Between Us

Based on lust and hate, Nothing Can Come Between Us is a page-turning drama laced with sex, drugs, money, and betrayal.
Pink Shades of Seduction $13.00
Pink Shades of Seduction

Whether newly discovered or rekindled, there is no feeling in the world like pure passion coursing through our veins. It erupts at our core and allows us to be free and uninhibited. Shades of Pink Seduction explores passions that are buried deep in the subconscious and allow you to completely surrender to love and lust on your terms. 1.jpg
She was a Friend of Mine 2 $13.00
She was a Friend of Mine 2

Will she learn the truth surrounding her father’s death? Will revenge change her more than the horrors of life? In the second part to this trilogy, the drama unfolds page after page with a jaw-dropping ending.
She Was a Friend of Mine 3 $13.00
She Was a Friend of Mine 3

In part three of She Was a Friend of Mine, Shi finds herself married to the game and is caught up in cloud nine as she acts blind to King’s jealousy. She continues to trick herself into believing she is only with Spin for answers as he keeps Shi blind with flashy things and gentle touches. With money as her service dog Shi continues her blind walk into married bliss with Spin.
Can't Love What I Don't Trust 2 $13.00
Can't Love What I Don't Trust 2

Cassandra had been in love before and if you asked her, love was pain; every day she was reminded of that with the hand she was currently dealt. She struggles to provide for her kids, working a dead-end job while going to school.   Stuck in a meaningless relationship, which only involved midnight creeps into her bed, she ends things with Darius in hopes for something better in life.
Ms. Nice Nasty $13.50
Ms. Nice Nasty

Camille Holden-Shannon has always been who she says she is, a woman who can command a courtroom and bedroom without opening her mouth! She’s sexy, confident and not afraid; her credentials speak for themselves. She loves her family and her career but she cannot deny the fact that she loves sex and lots of it. She doesn't break up homes; she simply gets what she needs and she's gone!
Can't Love What I Don't Trust $13.00
Can't Love What I Don't Trust

Just when Cassandra thought perhaps she was getting her life on track, she’s faced with an unwanted pregnancy, by a man she doesn’t love and who doesn’t love her back.
Stitching Love $13.00
Stitching Love

He’s engaged. She’s going through a bitter divorce. Soon, they find themselves battling life’s hurdles with a newly discovered secret weapon…….each other.
Stitching Love ll: Undressed $13.00
Stitching Love ll: Undressed

It’s seven years later and everyone gets what they want. But, getting what you want is never what it’s cracked up to be. Keeping sight of the bigger picture, they each manage to navigate around these issues until problems with Jonathan’s patients and his past relationships result in deadly consequences that will affect all involved.
Jane of All Trades $13.00
Jane of All Trades

From the author who brought you D&K, all things past and present come to light and Kat realizes she has to choose. What will she choose, Lupe and the game or herself?
She Was a Friend of Mine 4 $13.00
She Was a Friend of Mine 4

In Part 4 of She Was a Friend of Mine, Can she leave it all behind? Will Shi get the normal life she wants? Has she found true happiness with Josh? Will she tell him about her past before her past finds them? Or will the lies she’s told catch up with her first?
She was a Friend of Mine $13.00
She was a Friend of Mine

After several hard blows by life Shi picks herself up time and time again. Years later she unknowingly steps into a warzone of murder, lies, sex, drugs and money. Jasheem Wilson’s debut will have you guessing page after page and you will be wrong every time.
Purple Tears $13.00
Purple Tears

Purple throws her faith in God on the back burner. The need for sex, alcohol and her resentment toward God soothes her as she decides if she wants to find truth from the person that caused the downfall in her life.
A Hustlaz Nightmare $13.00
A Hustlaz Nightmare

In the follow up to A Hustlaz Dream, the love for money drives these individuals to a point of no return, will they crash and burn or wake up before the curtain call?... This is A Hustlaz Nightmare .
Double Back 2 $13.00
Double Back 2

A love once lost could find its way back into Goldie and Jasmine’s lives again, but is it too little too late? Find out in this second installment of Double Back.
A Hustler's Coalition $13.00
A Hustler's Coalition

For some, when money is the motivation, the motto is to get it by any means necessary. When love is the motivation, some will fight to maintain their position at the #1 spot.
Disloyal $13.00

Menace struggles within himself to find the right path while traveling the wrong roads. Everything he has dreamed of is threatened when a chain of events bring a new direction to his life. Now escaping the evil streets of Los Angeles with his soon to be family may not be as easy as he first thought. 1small.jpg
A Hustlaz Dream $13.00
A Hustlaz Dream

Frustration sets in when his search yields no results. All the while, the person causing all the turmoil was a part of his inner circle. This is a Hustlaz Drama.
Splitting Karma $13.00
Splitting Karma

Coming Soon
The Words I Didn't Say $13.00
The Words I Didn't Say

Vowing to just be in the moment and not commit to one another tension grows as their emotions can t be controlled. Random sex want do, the endless dates with unfamiliar faces is getting old, and everyone is compared to the one that matters, each other.
Sorority Ties $13.00
Sorority Ties

Sorority Ties was supposed to bind Delilah to a sister hood that would last a lifetime. But instead all she found was a betrayal at the hands of Stephanie that left a bitter taste in her mouth.
Fortunately for her Karma is a bitch. And when her sudden good fortune becomes too good to be true Delilah proves she will stop at nothing in order to seek her long awaited payback.
Inevitable Act ll $13.00
Inevitable Act ll

As both Future and Angel get closer to what their hearts desire, Kandi is close behind making sure that Future doesn’t forget about her. And she will use any measure to ensure she gets what she wants. After all, the inevitable is bound to happen when true love is placed in the equation.
Love on Death Row $13.00
Love on Death Row

De’Nesha Cole will do anything to save her abusive marriage, even if it means 'til death do us part'. And in this case a vow should never be broken.
The Left Lane ll $13.00
The Left Lane ll

With all the baby’s momma drama, Tina pushing her way into his heart, and his hustle being cut short, you’d assume Tyrone was being pushed hard enough. Yet it wasn’t until that last nudge that he decided to go forward by taking a step back and handing over the reins to his protégé. It’s then that The Left Lane hits a winding curve.
A Secret Worth Keeping 2 $13.00
A Secret Worth Keeping 2

In another round these group of friends are faced with the truth.The secret is out and all hell is breaking loose! And what's a girl to do?
Not My Will $13.00
Not My Will

Virtue is a babe in her Christian walk of faith and is finding it difficult.  She struggles with having sex out of wedlock with her boyfriend Ty that doesn’t understand her newfound faith.  Virtue struggles with wanting to be obedient to God in every area of her life, but at the same time wanting to please her man, her own sexual desires and hold on to their relationship.  Whose will, will she choose – hers, her man's or God’s?
Lovely Lies 2 $13.00
Lovely Lies 2

In its sequel ask yourself how far would you go to be with the one you love? To protect them? For some, to hell and back, is the only option.
Forbidden $13.00

By all accounts her life starts to seem at odds as decisions and reality stack up against her. Tragic skeletons start to crawl and before long old wounds lie wide open. With no way out she is faced with her tainted past with no clear picture of the future.
Inevitable (Act l) $13.00
Inevitable (Act l)

The one thing that he didn't plan for was what felt like fate in the form of an unknown woman, rearing its head into his plans. Follow these two seemingly different people through exciting and tantalizing paths, drama filled nights and sexual triangles as they find out their inevitable truth.
A Secret Worth Keeping $13.00
A Secret Worth Keeping

A secret made among friends, they vowed they'd never tell but is this secret worth sending your soul to hell. A secret held behind the lips of these friends filled with sex, lies & a lot less sleeping but now they must decide if this is A Secret Worth Keeping.
The Holy City 2: Rise In Power $13.00
The Holy City 2: Rise In Power

Brace yourself and experience all these events as you step into The Holy City II: Rise In Power.....
Bitter Taste of Love $13.00
Bitter Taste of Love

This tangled web of secrecy, lies and deceit proves that loyalty amongst lovers and friends is nothing more than a petty notion.
Lies Unleashed 2 $13.00
Lies Unleashed 2

In Lies Unleashed II the drama continues to unfold leaving the trails of broken hearts which is more than they can handle.
The Ultimate No-No 4 $13.00
The Ultimate No-No 4

What started off as a scam ten years ago lead to multiple heart breaks. Now more then a decade later everyone is faced with their past lies and loves with one last chance to get it right.
The Knife In My Back 2 $13.00
The Knife In My Back 2

In its follow up the one question that is is asked, redemption or revenge; which would you choose?"
Pieces of Justice $13.00
Pieces of Justice

Will Justice ever open her eyes to True Love or will she allow past betrayals continue to block her from it?
Lovely Lies $13.00
Lovely Lies


When truths are revealed, they threaten to tear Makynzee's soul apart and chaos becomes her life. Will she be able to escape this temporary insanity or will she become a permanent victim?
When I Decided to D.R.E.A.M. Big $13.00
When I Decided to D.R.E.A.M. Big

Not everyone dreams, but when you decide to dream, decide to D.R.E.A.M. BIG on purpose and with purpose; trust and believe that you will become all that you are destined to be!
Now You Wanna Come Back 3 $13.00
Now You Wanna Come Back 3

In its final round, "It ain't over 'til it's over, is why Devon is determined to have his happy ending too!"
Scared of Lonely $13.00
Scared of Lonely

Pre- Order

The world prohibits incest but Scared of Lonely tells the story of a girl who is powerfully tempted by it letting it make her a prisoner still chained to her own shadow small.jpg
Black Angel $13.00
Black Angel

It’s a race to save the ones he loves; or will his dance with the devil be the death of them all? .jpg
Cookie Too Lyric's Song $13.00
Cookie Too Lyric's Song

In the follow up to Cookie A Fort Worth Story, Lyric tells the story of her life from the the riches to prison and her journey to get her life back on track. Based on truth, Lyric's Song is a gripping tale of a young girl drawn to the life of fast money, sex, and her quest for independence. You learn from her story that no matter where life brings you, you can always go back to where it all began. too.jpg
The Holy City $13.00
The Holy City

Would they allow the street life to take total control of their lives, or will realization come aboard before it's too late? Two brothers must live their way through the streets but one doesn't come out so lucky.
The Left Lane $13.00
The Left Lane

The name Tyrone Philpott rings in the streets as being southern Virginia's top dog behind the wheel. Recognized and adored by hustlers for his ability to pimp rides, his carefree lifestyle is disrupted when he shoots his hot at a women who appears to be well beyond his grasp.
The Knife In My Back $13.00
The Knife In My Back

Part 1 in the The Knife In My Back series is a riveting story of friendship and betrayal. It reveals the true face of jealousy and deception and may cause you to take a second look at your friends.
Split Image $13.00
Split Image

When a secret is covered over and over again...eventually the truth comes out
Lies Unleashed $13.00
Lies Unleashed

Lives and relationships are turned upside down when people can't seem to let go. This debut from Tammara Matthews is surely to satisfy your need for a dramatic tale that keeps the pages turning.
Kisses Don't Lie 2 $13.00
Kisses Don't Lie 2

A woman tends to forgive sooner than a man but she chooses to forgive its her heart that will take the fall or will it?
Kisses don't Lie $13.00
Kisses don't Lie

A woman torn between her past and her future. Torn between her first love and her secret. And now must come face to face with the truth. A decision must be made but not over night.

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Cookie:  A Fort Worth Story $13.00
Cookie: A Fort Worth Story

Witness the life of Cookie as she tells you the story of a girl who loved, lost, and eventually had to grow up sooner then she had to. Based on true events author Tamika Newhouse tells you of a life that not only you will relate to but you will absolutely know someone just like her.

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Will Love Ever Know Me $13.00
Will Love Ever Know Me

In the final chapter of The Ultimate Series the original characters return with all new drama as Charmaine's faces her demons, Jazzaray faces another heartache, Dahlia commits the ultimate betrayal, and Nitrah discovers what she really wants. It’s all or nothing for these ladies as they discover, Will Love Ever Know Them?

Available on E-Readers Here

Between the Sheets $13.00
Between the Sheets

Addictive tales of erotica encounters that will take you into a deep imagination that is sure to tease your curiosity and desires. Featuring authors with the talent to bring you a tasteful literary treat that keeps the pages turning as every word is salivated with passion.

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The Ultimate Moment No Regrets $13.00
The Ultimate Moment No Regrets

The famed characters from The Ultimate NO NO are back and are still searching for love. 

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The Ultimate No No $13.00
The Ultimate No No

In this romantic tale you will witness a sisterly bond, a passion to be loved, and the yearn to be with the one you love. Learn what The Ultimate No No is when it comes to love. This debut novel by Tamika Newhouse is an expression of love and deceit, creating the perfect example of what not to do.

Available on E-Readers Here

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Mr. Wrong After All $13.00
Mr. Wrong After All

On the outside looking in, they seem to have it all together. Happiness, innocence, love, and a connection many envy. But just beneath the surface are deep rooted secrets that lead to adultery, lies, deception, and murder.
Mr.  2 $13.00
Mr. 2

Just when Nikki has her mind made up about divorcing Ahmad, she sees something in him she's never seen before; remorse. But is it too good to be true or too little too late? Does Nikki trust Ahmad once more or has he pushed her away for the last time and into the arms or another?
Secrets of a Cheating Heart $13.00
Secrets of a Cheating Heart

He discovers a secret that Cheryl has hidden from her new beau and threatens to use it against her. The actions he takes to try and hold on to Cheryl cause him to make several enemies. More secrets are exposed and now his enemies want the ultimate revenge......murder! But which one of them is relentless enough to go through with it?
A Scandalous Philly Love Story (Part 1) $13.00
A Scandalous Philly Love Story (Part 1)

In part one of a Scandalous Philly Love Story, you may ask how much loyalty should a friend possess when it comes to friendship? What happens when one friend crosses the line?

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